Bridge the Digital Divide with Chesnee High-Speed Internet.

Whether you want to email your friends and family, read the latest news, watch a video on You Tube, or shop online, you can do it fast and reliably with one of Chesnee Communications’ high-speed Internet plans. Chesnee has three different residential plans to meet your needs, with rates starting as low as $29.95. Each plan includes:

  • Online emailaccess, plus up to five email addresses,
  • FREE Trend MicroInternet Security software (a $49.95/year value),
  • FREE GreyMailemail filtering,
  • 10 Megs FREE ofremote file storage space, and
  • FREE access toESPN3, a broadcast network for live sports programming. Click to access ESPN3

In an age when access to information is crucial, Chesnee High-Speed Internet service provides a reliable connection to the Internet and the best possible customer service. At Chesnee, we do our part to keep up with the technology that makes this exciting online world possible—all you have to do is follow your fingertips!

For more information about Chesnee’s High-Speed Internet plans, please call us at 864-461-2211.


To get Chesnee High-Speed Internet service, you ’ll need a high-speed modem. Currently, customers must purchase the modem through Chesnee for $39.95. If you sign a 12-month contract for one of our High-Speed plans, we’ll give you a FREE modem (a $39.95 value).


Installation Rates

Residential and Business: $25
Chesnee Communications’ installation is to the demarcation point at your location. All High-Speed accounts include termination to ONE computer only and an Ethernet cable. Installation does not include inside wiring. An Ethernet Network Interface Card (NIC) is required for High-Speed service, and the customer is responsible for installing and configuring the NIC-Chesnee will not install the NIC in the customer’s computer. Peachem DSL customers also will receive up to three filters.

NOTE: Chesnee Communications is not responsible for service issues related to a customer’s computer, network, or software.

Optional DSL/Inside Wire
Maintenance Plan

Chesnee Communications offers a High-Speed/Inside Wire Maintenance Plan for $5.95 per month (business and residential), that covers labor costs for a technician to visit a customer’s location in response to a request to identify trouble, including the High-Speed connection and inside wiring. If the problem is found to be the customer-owned equipment, no labor charges will be incurred to isolate the problem. Inside wiring that was properly installed (per NEC) will be replaced at no charge.
Chesnee Internet Service Acceptable Use Policy.


Residential Plans


1 Meg Downstream (to you) / 256k Up (from you)
The ideal way to move up from simple dial-up. If you’re a relatively new Web surfer, beginning to rely on email, like to instant message with friends, shop, review or pay bills, or just looking for general information, 1 Meg is the plan for you. Includes five email addresses (additional email addresses are $2 each).

2 Meg-$39.95

2 Meg Downstream / 512k Up
If you’re serious about Web surfing, you want serious speed. Our 2 Meg plan is the road to travel if you regularly download multimedia video or music files, as well as all the Casual Surfer activities listed above. In addition, if you have a home network or plan to install one, 2 Meg is the minimum level of service to consider. Includes five email addresses (additional email addresses are $2 each).

6 Meg-$59.95

up to 6 Meg Downstream/768k Up
This is the plan for those who truly feel the "need for speed". If you love the broadband experience, and stay logged on most of the time, 6 Meg provides the service level you crave, and seamlessly connects all of your hardware. It keeps your home network-whether designed for work or play-humming smoothly. The additional bandwidth allows for multiple PC connections in your home, preventing your network from slowing down when more than one person is online. 6 Meg is ideal for graphic-intensive activities, such as downloading or sending voluminous business documents or reports, playing interactive online video games, and watching video online. For the true bandwidth hog! Includes five email addresses (additional email addresses are $2 each).

Business Plans

Business 2 Meg-$69.95

2 Meg Downstream / 512k Up
If you’re beginning to take your business online and explore e-commerce, or you need more broadband capacity because you’re experiencing heavy online activity from a growing number of Internet users, Business 2 Meg will help relieve your congestion. Also, if you have or plan to install a business network, you’ll want the additional capacity. Business 2 Meg includes one (1) static IP address (for web hosting*) and five email addresses (additional email addresses are $2 each).

Business 6 Meg-$99.95

up to 6 Meg Downstream / 768k Up
Designed for business networks that need maximum speed and capacity, Business 6 Meg is the DELUXE package. For companies hosting their own websites or Virtual Private Network (VPN) services, such as videoconferencing, data sharing among remote locations, a back-up network, and other advanced applications. Business 6 Meg includes one (1) static IP address (for web hosting*) and five email addresses (additional email addresses are $2 each).

Chesnee provides all customers up to the requested amount of bandwidth within our network, but we remind you that actual transmission speeds may vary.

*Additional space for web hosting must be purchased. Chesnee Communications does not provide web hosting services. Web hosting information is available at

NOTE: Chesnee Communications deploys both DSL and CableNet service to meet your high-speed Internet needs. Both deliver the same high quality service, but use different networks. DSL uses your telephone lines and you will need to install filters on each of your telephones to prevent noise that may come through the wire and interfere with your calls. In order to sign up for CableNet, you must be an active Chesnee Communications Cable TV subscriber.


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