All Chesnee high-speed Internet customers are provided with up to five email addresses, online access to email Webmail, a free spam and virus filter for email (GreyMail) and 10 Megs of free online remote file storage (N-Drive).

Chesnee's My Account online system makes it is very easy to:

  • access yourWebmail;
  • change yourpassword;
  • access and changethe settings on your GreyMail;
  • registeradditional email addresses;
  • forward yourChesnee email to another address;
  • set up a vacationmessage when you won't be accessing your email for a period of time; and
  • save yourimportant computer files remotely using N-Drive to keep them safe andsecure.

If you need help with My Account or help configuring your email software to view mail sent to newly registered email addresses, please call Tech Support at 888-375-1553 or 461-2200.

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