Greetings from Chesnee Communications, and welcome to our new website. We've just redesigned and revitalized our site(s). Why? For two reasons: First, we wanted a clean, distinctive look to call attention to all the services we offer; and, second, we wanted to create a separate and unique website, a "community site," to serve as a local showcase for the people, communities, and landmarks of Spartanburg and Cherokee counties. Let me explain both in a little more detail.

Chesnee Communications is proud to bring you all that telecom has to offer - and the benefits these advanced services make possible. That's what we've done for close to a century. Today, telecommunications in rural communities stands at a crossroads. As our nation embraces broadband technologies and rushes toward an online, high-speed way of life, many predict a rural-urban "digital divide". They assume that urban residents will be broadband-savvy and enjoy all the advanced services one could imagine, while rural folks will have to be content with "slow and easy" rather than "fast and high-tech." But, we want you to know, that's not the case here! For 75 years and counting, we've brought you telephone...telecom...and now broadband services on a par with – if not better than – those available in urban markets. As a result, we decided to make sure our web page clearly broadcast the tremendous variety and breadth of the services available to the residents of our areas in Spartanburg and Cherokee counties.

Next to our services and the way we treat customers, what's most important to us is the community in which we live. In short, we are part of that community; "we live here, too." To keep that connection up front and personal, we also designed and posted a new website, Chesnee Connections, to serve as a community showcase for the people and landmarks that make Spartanburg and Cherokee counties so special. No matter what else may take place, we'll remain part of this community, and telecom changes or not, our commitment to our neighbors and friends remains steadfast. We wanted our community site to be a valuable resource for you to learn about all the things going on here.

Finally, Chesnee has always maintained a simple philosophy: to offer a variety of services at an affordable price in our communities. With all that's happening in telecom these days, it's never been more important to connect with our customers. Our exciting array of service offerings rivals those seen in any market in the country: Double Play and Triple Play bundles, high-speed Internet with speeds up to 6 Meg, and our Cable TV HDTV packages and DVR features. These services symbolize telecom's move to broadband, but they also reflect our long-held commitment to you and our communities. As we have since the beginning, Chesnee pledges to make a difference in your life. What makes Chesnee Communications special is our connection to you. We're your local, community based telecom provider, and for us, what makes it all worthwhile is offering our services to you, our partners in the community.

Hannah Lancaster
President and General Manager